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We are asked frequently why a Label or MSDS update is made on PestWeb in our Product Documents resource, when the “new” version date on the document is many months or even years in the past. The answer is not an easy one, but the fact is that even though we carefully review manufacturer websites several times each year to compare the documents they have with the ones on PestWeb, frequently new versions appear that are dated well in the past.

Unfortunately almost no manufacturer advises Univar when they make changes to their documents database on their website, leaving the only way for us to discover newer documents as opening each Label or MSDS on the vendor website and comparing the date with that currently on PestWeb. This is a tedious process for the many dozens of vendors we work with, but it must be done.

The moment we find a newer version of a document on a vendor website we replace the version on PestWeb, and we are obligated to use the date printed on their document. Some vendors do not even date their product labels, making this process of staying current nearly impossible for their labels. We have found documents on vendor websites that are older than the ones on PestWeb, and routinely find “new” documents placed on a vendor website within the previous 2 months that may have a date several years old.

Univar strives very hard to maintain the Product Documents on PestWeb as the most current versions available, and we appreciate your need for the most current versions. We hope you recognize the difficulties we encounter in this effort.

In the first few months of 2012 please look for many new labels for Synthetic Pyrethroid products. The EPA is requiring ALL pyrethroid labels to include new wording to be in compliance with their PR Notice 2008-1, regarding minimizing contamination by pyrethroid insecticides in waterways and aquatic habitats. These changes will include some very important restrictions on how the pyrethroid products can be used on the exterior of structures.

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